Speaking publicly about our collective adventures in technology, leadership, connectedness, social change and emotional well-being is my bag. I’m available for keynotes, emceeing, workshops panels, class appearances, and more. I’ve spoken at a number of conferences, including TEDxBerlinSXSW InteractiveTribeca Film Festivalre:publicaPersonal Democracy ForumIgnite (NYC)Netroots Nation, the National Conference on Media ReformFacing RaceWeb 2.0 ExpoBioneers, and Women Action & The Media. I’ve guest lectured and spoken at colleges and universities including Columbia University, NYU, Rutgers University, Claremont McKenna College, and more.

 Sample talks and workshops

Sharing is Daring: Leadership via the Blueprint of Your Heart

The face of leadership is changing: no longer a situation where a charismatic figurehead leads the masses forward to unprecedented change, leadership in the 21st Century grapples much more with network weaving, passionate work and relationships, and moving through the world with care. In this talk, Deanna details her own emotional journey through understanding true leadership, and lays out a plan for participants to map their own paths.

Ecstasy and Despair: How Powerful Emotions Trigger Digital Activism

In the last few years, we’ve seen unprecedented social uprising happening online – it seems like every day, there’s a new movement for justice. But what makes a movement catch fire, and how are social technologies shifting our understanding of how power makes the world go ’round?

In this talk, Deanna Zandt will connect the dots between amorphous global movements – #aufschrei, Planned Parenthood Saved Me, Trayvon Martin, Bell Bajao/Ring the Bell, and more – and reveal the intoxicating combination of power and emotional resonance that make revolutions happen.

Workshop: Social Media for Nonprofit and Professional Development

A jam-packed half-day training session, Social Media for Advocacy and Professional Development will teach participants on how to effectively (and efficiently!) use social media to enhance their work, as well as support the work of their organizations. Topics covered include:

* Overview of the social media landscape
Most popular tools and services: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn (others?)
Different dialects and audiences on different platforms
Mythbusting on who’s using what — and how often?

* Using social media professionally
What’s the strategic value?
Does social media take a lot of time to use?
Should I worry about privacy? Safety? Keeping my personal and professional lives separate?
What if I make a mistake?

* Benefits and impact
What’s good for the org and the individual? How do they reinforce each other?
Examples of best practices/good use by individuals
Examples of how orgs repurpose staff content

Detailed resource materials will be provided.