Planned Parenthood Saved Me

About This Project

Planned Parenthood Saved Me
In 2012, the Susan G. Komen Foundation decided they would no longer fund Planned Parenthood’s cancer screenings because of abortion services offered there. American and Canadian women broke open with outrage all over the internet, looking for some way to take action. Many people advocated for donating money to Planned Parenthood, or taking away donations from Susan G. Komen. I felt frustrated by these options as singular options, because most of the women who would be most affected by a decision like this would not be able to afford to donate or not donate.

I created PPSavedMe as a cathartic home for women who wanted to show the full spectrum of what Planned Parenthood means to them. In story after story, people shared how PP was often the only option for any kind of healthcare for them, and they were relieved to have found a place where they could receive a full spectrum of services delivered with empathy and genuine support. The site exploded; it was written about in the New York Times, Salon and Washington Post, and Rachel Maddow read from the site on her show. Within three days, Komen backed down and reinstated its pledged cancer screening funding.

That summer, Planned Parenthood awarded me its first ever Maggie Award for Social Media, and I went on to work with them as a consultant for several years after.