I rarely post my newsletters, but I just sent this one out, and figured was worth including here in the Archive of DZ's Relatively Important Moments. Sign up for newsletters here, btw.
In case you missed it... three weeks ago, I was part of a This American Life episode called "Five Women." If you haven't listened to it, much of the rest of this won't make sense, but y'know, you do you. I've wanted to send out a newsletter about it pretty much since it came out-- even if I weren't part of this, I feel like "Five Women" is probably one of the most compelling and important pieces of journalism on #MeToo. It recognizes that sexual, gendered harassment and abuse are not about that one time that one guy said your shirt looked nice. It's about a lifetime of socialization that we take with us through every experience, the mental acrobatics we perform to get through things, to make them normal, to have our lives make sense.

Welcome to the latest 'n' greatest version of (I really wish I owned that domain...) It was time to try and corral all the different pieces of my digital self into one place-- part of a larger life-integration process, going around the parts of my brain and heart that felt disconnected from one another, and herding them all back into one place. Redoing my website was a weirdly great exercise in helping me do that! I got to think about how I want to feel in the world, and then draw all the pieces (literally and figuratively). 

A question I get asked a lot by people who are fairly present in the public sphere is: Should I have my own Facebook page, separate from my personal profile? There's no straightforward answer to it, so I thought I'd spend a few minutes giving you all an explanation of the different options that are available to you, and how you might implement them.