Picking a cover for “Share This!” and the hilarity of how friends know me

Picking a cover for “Share This!” and the hilarity of how friends know me

I’m running a poll to help me and my publisher choose a cover for Share This!go take it! Here are your choices…


BK wanted me to add a “how do you know the author” question to the survey, so of course, my friends decided to have a wee bit of fun. Here’s a roundup of my favorite response so far (with necessary comments from me in italics):

  • She’s a pal.
  • From the bar
  • The series of tubes
  • In college, we were making beds for the football team NY Giants. ask her. (true!)
  • We share an ex-boyfriend, ha ha.
  • It’s complicated, but I’ve been a fan for years! (See: “We share an ex-boyfriend.” No kidding, there’s more than one)
  • We went to psychic healer school together.
  • She designed my site, and saved my life. (check is in the mail, Alice)
  • I am her indentured servant (You are? Where’s my dinner, muppet?)
  • Schmoozing
  • I mistook her for Jill from Jack & Jill Politics (true story, Cheryl.)
  • We met in in jail. Or was it the Army?
  • Her very favorite Uncle out of all her uncles living in NC (there’s just one)
  • Hair bleach and naughty conversations
  • Osmosis (not far from the truth, on the Bowery)

UPDATE: More funny friends have chimed in…

  • From a movie set, it’s a long story (god help us, this one)
  • secret president of her fan club (that check is going in the mail now)
  • Sister; knew her before she got a sense of humor :) (thanks, bro!)
  • friend/dog scratcher/chef (need you FT, see “indentured servant” above)
  • great serendipity (the meaning of life, after “42” of course)