Break for giggles: My mom is hilarious

Break for giggles: My mom is hilarious

momMy mom (cartoon’ed at left) sent the following email to her department yesterday.

As you may well know by now………..

I have been promoted to “Supplies Orderer”. Although this promotion has added no monetary addition to my income, I take great pride in this endeavor and am looking forward to serving you all to the very best of my ability. I have listed a few suggestions below. Your cooperation is absolutely imperative to “make me look good” in this new position. After all, it *is* all about me, isn’t it. (I’m a Leo….)

When you see the forms in the drawer(s) are less than ten, pls enter the form number and description along with your name to the order form taped so neatly to the outside of the file cabinet. Pencils are available nearby in a make-shift (but ever so classy) plastic pencil holder. If you prefer to use ink, you certainly may do so. However, you will be required to provide your own pen. A favorite color preference for me is green. It won’t get the order filled any faster, but it will add color to the sheet and therefore, also add color to my new life as “Supplies Orderer.” The lower portion of the form is for pens, pencils, sticky notes and all that other misc stuff. Items such as hair spray, aftershave and alcohol are not included.

Orders will be submitted to G.S. every Friday and hopefully filled by Monday or at the latest Tuesday. HOWEVER, if you need something that is not readily available to you PLEASE CONTACT ME via email and I will make certain you have it asap.

Feel free to make any suggestions to improve service, but pls keep them simple as I am easily confused.

Yours very truly.
Rachael, Supplies Orderer