I just want to be a noun when I grow up

I just want to be a noun when I grow up

I’ve talked about this before, and it just came up in the conversation I was having a few minutes ago… but I’ve got a linguistic bone to pick with using the word “women” as an adjective– as in, “women journalists,” “women bloggers.”

Whenever you do that, you are stating that the default gender for that job is male, and you need to add a qualifier before it to make it female. Can we all now, together, say that “women” should only be a noun? I know the dictionary has an adjective entry for it, but sometimes dictionaries are stupid.

Do you want your daughter to be an adjective or a non when she grows up?

If you want to refer to women who are doing a particular job, say, “women who are bloggers,” or “women who are journalists.” I know it’s longer and a little more cumbersome, but it makes women the actors and agents of the situation.

This has been a public service announcement from the nerdy linguistic department of Deanna’s brain. Please commence enjoying your weekend now.