Gullible by association: New York Times’ Special Edition

Gullible by association: New York Times’ Special Edition

A while back some folks I occasionally associate with had an idea to distribute the news we would actually want to read. I was full up on extra-curricular activities, so I didn’t get involved, other than to say I’d help get the word out when it happened.

Then on Saturday evening, I was headed into the city to see Hamell on Trial (excellent show, highly recommended), and I ran into one of the conspirators on the train. “Check out today’s Times,” he said gleefully. “Can you believe this?” I couldn’t. All this good news. Seriously? I took it all in, hook line and sinker. War over? Friedman resigns? Maximum wage? Huh? There was a spring in my step for sure.

Later that night, I was, shall we say, a wee tipsy, trying to explain what I’d read to my friends. “No, seriously, I read it in the friggin’ Times, you guys, Harvard is closing its business school! I swear to God!”

Slowly, pieces started floating together in my addled brain. This was the project I’d vaguely heard about, come to fruition. Brilliant. I was on the distribution crew this morning, and I can’t say I’ve had a better time early in the morning at Rockefeller Center. The looks on folks’ faces were just priceless.