On Election Day: protecting the vote, and more

On Election Day: protecting the vote, and more

[Following is an email I sent out this morning…]

Good morning from the south side of Brooklyn, all!

Many of you know my commitment and activism around protecting voters from fraud, disenfranchisement and general craziness. In 2004, I traveled to Ohio to volunteer with the Election Protection coalition; this year, I wasn’t able to make it out of town (due to this lovely little addition to the family: meet Izzy Louise).

I’ve instead been working on a digital election protection project that uses a variety of tools to allow people to report on their voting experiences: check out Twitter Vote Report at http://twittervotereport.com/ . There are a couple amazing things about this project:

— you don’t have to use Twitter to report: text messages, phone calls, iPhones, Androids are all in play
— an *amazing* all-volunteer team came together from across the country to build out the coalition, site & tools in under two weeks

“This is a historic moment” is what we’re going to hear all day today, and I could be prouder to have played a part in making new technologies the means to a better end. (For those keeping score at home: I did the logo, design, website buildout, and helped make the maps and other bits look nice.)

I’ll also be reporting live for GRITtv with Laura Flanders from 12pm-2pm ET today on what we’re seeing; you can also watch the 5-minute clip of me on yesterday’s show, too:

Hope this finds you well… don’t forget to go vote. ;-)