Hightower Lowdown launched!

Hightower Lowdown launched!

Rather than give the Academy Award speech that I’ve been saving up since I was a toddler, I’ll just give you the link to the website I just launched for The Hightower Lowdown, and the press release:


George W is doing a heck of a job!

At least, that’s what he says. He reckons our economy is “steady and strong. Steady and strong.”

In the real world, dozens of researchers are keeping track and the Hightower Lowdown has put all their facts and figures into a HANDY DANDY POSTER that spells out what a whopper and a crock’o’ that Bush claim is!

Just a couple of highlights: Last year we bought more goods and services from other countries than they bought from us — $723 billion more, which is an all-time record trade deficit. Bush has cut taxes on people who make $10 million a year by half a million bucks a year each. Meanwhile, 37 million Americans are living in poverty.

Visit http://www.hightowerlowdown.org to see the ARE YOU BETTER OFF YET poster in the July issue on the EXCELLENT NEW Hightower Lowdown website.

Jim Hightower and all of us at the Lowdown, which has 140,000 subscribers, are thrilled to invite you to check out this hot-off-the-keyboards website which features:

* A crisp and clean redesign with our current issue and over seven years of archives online!
* Email alerts from Hightower and the Lowdown!
* Quick and easy ways to send messages to Hightower or anyone else at the Lowdown!
* Places for subscribers to comment on any and every article in the Lowdown!

And — wait, there’s more coming soon! —

* Daily blogs from Hightower and others in the Lowdown camp!
* Local Lowdown events that subscribers can organize and anyone can attend!
* RSS/syndication feeds for the geekily-inclined!

So click out of this email and go check out the NEW ISSUE of the Lowdown on our NEW WEBSITE.


Best from Jim Hightower, Phillip Frazer, Matt Wuerker, Laura Ehrlich, Deanna Zandt, Karen Gifford, Sahu Barron, Gwenda Blair, John Ernst, Bob Siegel, Jackson Frazer, and the whole crew at CivicActions (www.civicactions.com) who built this mighty nifty website.