The Adventures of Electra Elf: “Don’t Worry Bee Happy”

The Adventures of Electra Elf: “Don’t Worry Bee Happy”

Official World Premiere Movie Event:
The Adventures of Electra Elf: “Don't Worry Bee Happy”
starring Reverend Jen, Reverend Jen's nephews, Faceboy and more!
Directed by Nick Zedd
Written by Reverend Jen
With opening act, Amy Hills
Tuesday, May 16th, 8:30 p.m.
At Mo Pitkin’s, 34 Avenue A (212)777-5660
Followed by Faceboy’s Birthday Party in the lounge next door!

Underground filmmaker, Nick Zedd, has once again teamed up with art star, Reverend Jen, to premiere a new cinematic masterpiece — episode 13 of their long-running cable access TV series “the Adventures of Electra Elf.”

Set in a fictional metropolis called “Hummerville”, the wacky yet “jackable” superheroine adventure series stars Reverend Jen as Electra Elf, a spandex-clad ass-kicker who by day masquerades as mild-mannered reporter, Jennifer Swallows. Reverend Jen Junior portrays her sidekick, “Fluffer”, a talking Chihuahua who rides a flying skateboard and masquerades as a petite dog-clothes model by day. And you know what that means…lots of silly Chihuahua outfits!

In "Don't Worry Bee Happy" evil mutant, Nimbus (played by an animated puppet) travels via spaceship to Hummerville along with Rastus and Skeeter, two mutant insect-children (played by Rev. Jen's 4 and 5-year old nephews) and a spider creature named Daddy Long Legs. When the mutants team up with supervillain, Maggot Master (played by Mike Amato) and proceed to terrorize Hummerville with artificially cooked up mega-insects and spiders, Electra Elf and Fluffer must save the day!? But what will happen when Electra Elf gets caught in a giant spider web and Fluffer confronts a roach five times her size?? I'll tell you what will happen — you'll be on the edge of your seat!!!

Featuring an original rockin’ soundtrack, amazing fight scenes and heart stopping action, this is sure to be bigger than Batman, and unlike Spiderman, Superman or Batman, Electra-Elf and Fluffer aren’t the same old superheroes rehashed by entertainment moguls to fill the pockets of media conglomerates. These are original superheroes for the new millennium!? Don’t miss this unbelievable night, which will also feature live opening act, Amy Hills!

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