I'm here! But not like, here-here.

Doing some housekeeping on the ol' website. Need to get in touch? Try [email protected], or bug me on Twitter (@deanna) or Mastodon (@[email protected]) or Instagram (@deannazandt). 

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Deanna Zandt (she/her) is a writer, artist and award-winning technologist living in Brooklyn, NY. She spent 15 years working at the forefront of social justice, technology and media; after she burned out for the third time, she realized that maybe that work wasn't suiting her particularly well. Currently, she spends her time: supporting other very impressive people and organizations behind-the-scenes with their technology; writing & drawing when she feels like it; walking and playing with her two dogs and their friends; connecting with humans near and far; and figuring out how to exist with meaning, fulfillment and as many giggles as possible.