Twitter guides

Here’s a collection of guides to Twitter that I’ve written over the years:

  • Walkthrough: Signing up for Twitter: Online (Updated March 2014)
    The signup process can be daunting for some–this takes you through.
  • A non-fanatical beginner’s guide to twitter: Online (Updated March 2014)
    You’ve signed up, so now what?
  • Why Twitter, anyways? Online or PDF format (2009, but still wicked relevant)
    Wait, back up… why would I even want to get on Twitter?
  • Twitter overload: Online or PDF format  (2009, but still wicked relevant)
    What to do when it’s all too much
  • Quick hit: Twitter tracking tools and setup: Online (2011)
    Some tools and resources for Twitter metrics and conversation tracking
  • How to join the #dearjohn (or any hashtag) campaign: Online (2011)
    Many activists are using hashtags to put pressure on public figures. This guide was written for one campaign, but can be applied to any public hashtag campaign. Don’t know what a hashtag is? It’s in the non-fanatical beginner’s guide.

4 Responses to “Twitter guides”

  1. rachel manis says:

    Such an amazing resource! I love how you take all the info and cut it down in a fashion that anyone can digest and execute themselves. Will be sharing this with others =)

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