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On “All In with Chris Hayes:” OKCupid treated its users like guinea pigs

On “All In with Chris Hayes:” This is why Facebook has people worried

On “All In with Chris Hayes:” Social media and global uprisings

On “All In with Chris Hayes:” Data vulnerability, privacy and general creepiness

The intro for this panel discussion can be found here.

Here are some of the articles I read while prepping for the segment:

My TEDxBerlin talk: “Net-work: Why the Future of Passionate Work Needs Your Relationships to Thrive”

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Don’t Mess with Our Boobs: Ad-Hoc Networks and Online Power

YouTube Preview Image
 Full text of this talk is available here.

On CBC: Komen, Planned Parenthood and the power of social media

My segment starts at 38min 37sec; I come on at 41min.

CNN International: Wikileaks and digital activism

(For a more in depth exploration and ensuing discussion of DDoS, see my post, and the comments, over here.)

CNN International: Technology, homophobia, bullying and youth suicide

From Sept 30, 2010, in response to the suicide of Tyler Clementi.

Thanks to the Women’s Media Center for capturing.

CNN International: Google & Verizon threaten to spoil the Internet party