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On What Sandy Has Taught Us About Technology, Relief and Resilience

Nerds in the aftermath of Sandy sprang into action: We’ve seen some innovative technology solutions address many aspects of the fallout of the storm. It got me poking around at what’s working and what isn’t, and starting to look at communications solutions we can start to put in place before the next storm, disaster, revolution or what-have-you.

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On When Good Intentions Aren’t Enough: How to Improve Sandy Relief

It’s worse that you think in New York. Much, much worse.

On Saturday, when I got to the Rockaways, a peninsula community in Queens near JFK Airport, my stomach dropped. I had heard about the flooding, and seen the fires in Breezy Point on TV. But nothing prepared me for the immense loss of property that we saw up and down the peninsula.

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On Holding Onto My Roof Through Hurricane Sandy, and Many Thanks

I’m taking a break from my usual beat here to share my experience with Hurricane Sandy, and how thankful I am for the powerful love and support my online community offered me through my harrowing ordeal.


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On The Tyranny of Anonymity, Reddit and the Future of Your Body Online

Hardcore Internet culture is having a critical moment. In short, the battles that have been waged in the last week will ultimately help our wider connected culture both expose and figure out the principles that we hold to be true and valid, especially those concerning the role of women.


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On Internet Wars Over Women’s Bodies

What happens when creeps post creepy sexual pictures publicly on social websites, link to their real identities, and then someone decides to collect those real identities all in one place? All internet hell breaks loose, apparently.

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On The Secret to Measuring Social Media: An Interview with Beth Kanter

Everyone knows by now that social media is important to the work that they’re doing, whether that’s creating a great product or saving the world. But many people are lost past knowing how to tweet or how to set up a Facebook page. Why, exactly, is this important? What are we getting out of it? Are warm fuzzies enough? No? Hmmmmm.

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On 3 Easy “Dream Measurements” That Twitter Could Give Us

There was a lot of chatter last week about Twitter changing the way it allows third parties to access its API, about the potential that it could change how followers are displayed, and that co-founder Ev Williams said at an event that the dream metric that everyone is actually looking for is “how many people saw your tweet.”

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“The avant-garde doesn’t need drugs anymore” — my appearance in DIE ZEIT

The Valise Society salon that my friend Tobias hosted for me in Berlin was covered by one of Germany’s largest weekly publications, DIE ZEIT, in their print publication. (I also spoke at their new online newsroom and had a Google hangout with them while I was in Berlin.) English translation follows.

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On Top Reasons The #SocialEra Changes Everything

I’ll admit it: I hate business books. Outside of the fact that most of my work focuses on making the world a better place, which often runs rather contrary to the profit-focused schemes of the business world, it’s the–deep breath–buzzwordsthat really do me in. There’s only so much “seamless leveraging of synergistic core competencies while maintaining brand integrity and mindshare in the value system of the new economy” that I can take before the urge to set the book on fire becomes too great, and I risk violating deeply-held principles I have about book-burning.

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On Can’t We All Just Get Along? Polarization of Politics, the Internet and You

There’s a lot of talk about the extreme polarization of public, and specifically, political discourse as we ramp up into the final, could-not-be-over-soon-enough months of the US presidential race. I’m always skeptical when there are claims that we are more polarized than ever, but I have certainly noticed a ramp-up in ideological spewing on social networks that has even lifelong-activist me wondering, “Can’t we all just get along?”

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