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  1. Last weekend was the last of my three sessions with the Progressive Women’s Voices program… and while I’m excited to run out into the world with the stacks of knowledge that I gained, I’m sad that it was our last class! Here’s our group with the staff of the Women’s Media Center, plus a certain famous lady that helps make it all happen:


    Bonus: I also played superfangrrl and got my picture taken with Jane Fonda.

  2. pwv_3As many of you know, I was accepted into the first 2009 class of the Progressive Women’s Voices program. I’ve been through the first of three weekend trainings, and I cannot say enough good things about the program and the women who run it: it’s part boot-camp, part summer camp and part group therapy. I thought I was pretty media savvy before I went into this, but I’ve been blown away with the amount of material I’ve learned so far, and how much it’s already shaped the work I’m doing.

    In short, every woman I know should apply for this program. The deadline for applications to get into the next round of classes is coming soon: March 10. Women from all disciplines, backgrounds and identities are strongly encouraged to apply! Don’t let geography or other constraints prevent you from applying — the staff is more than willing to work with candidates that get accepted. This is one of the most brilliant programs for empowering women with real skills that I’ve ever seen– get your application in today.

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