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  1. I could go on and on about the month that I spent in Berlin, especially the week that I was traveling around with my mom — we had an absolute blast! Instead, tho, I’ll direct you over to my Flickr collection of trip photos, conveniently sectioned off for your browsing pleasure. Enjoy!

    Mom and me on the river Spree

  2. Lots of things have been happening and hence the absence of actual updates here, haha. Sorry about that. Where to begin?

    • Over at Hightower Lowdown, we’ve launched a new weekly video series featuring America’s #1 Populist. What more could you ask for? 2 minutes of Jim talking to you every single week! You can also watch it on YouTube, or subscribe to the show in iTunes.
    • And for, we relaunched the front page to be snazzier and brighter. Design was done by Design About Town, engineering by the ever-smarty Shawn and project management and OCD tweaking by me. Whee!
    • I redesigned and launched the website for best-selling author Amy Bloom, who has been an absolute riot to work with. I haven’t read her newest, but Come To Me was highly recommended to me by Bitch Magazine co-founder and feminista-extraordinare, Lisa Jervis. And it rocked.
    • Lots of photosets from the last couple months.
    • Um, I upgraded to Leopard last night, and so far so good. One thing that I called tech support about because I couldn’t find an answer anywhere else: yes, Time Machine will wipe your external drive the first time you use it, but then you can continue putting other things on it after. It doesn’t have to be a dedicated Time Machine drive, whew.

    That’s pretty much it. Holidays are a-comin’ and I’ll be up in Bingotown for a while, hanging out with the fam, and then back in NYC for New Year’s. Hope all’s well in the land of not-my-apartment!

  3. I’m back in the picture-taking loop now that I’ve got a shiny new digital camera. Yippie! Here’s some recent montages I’ve participated in…

    The Zandt-Mƒnkze Family Reunion, 2007

    (Here’s my shots)

    My birthday cocktail hour at Mo Pitkin’s

    My trip to Europe — Switzerland, Germany and the Czech Republic

    UPDATE: Christine just sent me the most hilarious set of pictures from our IKEA trip, oh my:

    Deanna’s IKEA Adventure

  4. Originally uploaded by randomdeanna.

    Next time I try to explain to someone that I have a complicated, yet randomly silly sense of humor, I will show them this. And tell them I think it’s hilarious.

  5. Things I did yesterday:

  6. image002.jpg

    My cousin Mike Zandt and his family have suffered some crazy flooding upstate since last week… this is the shot he sent us. Have a look at some of the other flood photos people have been sending around in my Flickr set.

    Oh, in case anyone was wondering — my parents (and, as far as I know, the rest of my family) made out fine with no flooding where they are.

  7. Oh my, my new favorite band ROCKS.

    Artsy pictures here. Blurry video here.

    Don’t miss their next show, the official debut: Sat., May 20 @ 8pm, Bowery Poetry Club.

  8. One of the guys that hosts this website was at the King Missile show last night, and took the most fantastic pictures. Check out JCN’s Flickr set, and then buzz over to his website chock full of beauties.

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