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On What Sandy Has Taught Us About Technology, Relief and Resilience

Nerds in the aftermath of Sandy sprang into action: We’ve seen some innovative technology solutions address many aspects of the fallout of the storm. It got me poking around at what’s working and what isn’t, and starting to look at communications solutions we can start to put in place before the next storm, disaster, revolution or what-have-you.

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My TEDxBerlin talk: “Net-work: Why the Future of Passionate Work Needs Your Relationships to Thrive”

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On Top Reasons The #SocialEra Changes Everything

I’ll admit it: I hate business books. Outside of the fact that most of my work focuses on making the world a better place, which often runs rather contrary to the profit-focused schemes of the business world, it’s the–deep breath–buzzwordsthat really do me in. There’s only so much “seamless leveraging of synergistic core competencies while maintaining brand integrity and mindshare in the value system of the new economy” that I can take before the urge to set the book on fire becomes too great, and I risk violating deeply-held principles I have about book-burning.

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On Can Anything Save Us From Flaming And Trolling On The Internet?

A psychologist at the University of Texas at Austin told Scientific American that “these days, online comments are ‘extraordinarily aggressive, without resolving anything.’” And a study of forcing users to employ their real names doesn’t decrease the amount of bad behavior they perform that much, either. Is there no hope for the end of Internet trolling and flaming?

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On Don’t Mess with Our Boobs: Ad-Hoc Networks and Online Power

We’re here talking about power this morning. We’re talking about the power of the Internet, and specifically, the political power of the Internet. And, I have to say, when I was putting together what I wanted to talk about today, I could only think of a quote  from “The Princess Bride:” I do not think that word means what you think it means.

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