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  1. I admit it: I’m a complete pushover for slapstick humor. And today’s meme on Twitter, #unseenprequels*, has me in stitches. The idea: take a movie and slightly alter the title to come up with its prequel, which no one would have ever, ever paid to see. Hilarity ensues.

    My favorites, in no particular order:

    • @Bryce1984 The Lambs That Wouldn’t Shut Up #unseenprequels
    • @jchinchar #unseenprequels Some Like It Tepid
    • @matthasarms: Apocalypse Soon. #unseenprequels
    • @steviedunn: The Day the Earth Continued Spinning #unseenprequels
    • @PCTim: #unseenprequels The OK, The not so OK, and the unattractive
    • @blogdiva: #unseenprequels Second-Base and The City
    • @Alcudiabarfly: #unseenprequels dry-spell in the city
    • @stealyourself: Madamoiselle Bovary #UnseenPrequels
    • @lizzwinstead: The 5k run/walk Man #unseenprequels
    • @jnjoiner: Thursday #unseenprequels
    • @LParry: Shaun of the feeling peaky. #unseenprequels
    • @KagroX: Still Plenty of Mohicans #unseenprequels
    • @drywall: A Bunch of Mohicans #unseenprequels
    • @RedGray: #unseenprequels Raiders of the Misplaced Ark
    • @islandis: Sex, Lies, and Kinescope. #unseenprequels
    • @macphoenix: Undocumented-Immigrant Kane #unseenprequels
    • @mcsweater: American History IX #unseenprequels
    • @AdamSerwer: The Dark Squire #unseenprequels
    • @lizzwinstead: Conception of a Nation #unseenprequels
    • @lizzwinstead: Still Going Back and Forth On Some Major Points of Endearments #unseenprequels
    • (my own, heh): #unseenprequels Before Harry Met Sally
    • UPDATE: via many others, this one clearly wins: @KagroX: Groundhog Day #unseenprequels

    UPDATE: More fun titles are posted over at Ben Byrne’s blog!

    * Wondering what the deal with the # is? That’s the marker for a “hashtag” on Twitter. It’s how Twitter users easily add or denote a keyword, allowing everyone else to either find or refer to a topic easily. Search for all #unseenprequel tweets!

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