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  1. Trouble’s brewing in Germany. No, it’s not the euro crisis; it’s the good kind of trouble: Feminism is finding new life in networked voices online. Last week, a German blogger named Maike Hank put out a simple, defiant call to end harassment and daily sexism with her post, “This Is Not Normal.”  It resonated deeply with many on Twitter, and people like Nicole von Horst  started sharing their own stories: “The doctor that patted my ass, as I lay in the hospital after an attempted suicide.” That’s when Anne Wizorek, founder of the blogkleinerdrei and digital media consultant (and, disclaimer, a very good friend of mine), recognized what was happening, and suggested a hashtag to capture the stories: #aufschrei (#outcry). And then all hell broke loose when an article came out in the magazine Stern stating that Rainer Brüderle, Germany’s minister for economics and technology, had allegedly sexually harassed a journalist.

    [Read the rest on Forbes.]

  2. Just a little note here to let yas know that I’m leaving for Berlin today. I’ll still be online and working during the typical EST workday times, but my US phone number will only accept voicemails (no SMS). I’ll have a German phone number and Skype for those in the know.

    The rest of the time, I’ll be flaunting about doing Berlin-y things. A bit of travel with my mom is in store as well, yippie! Check back here and in the lifestream for updates and pics.

    See you New Yorkers on May 27th!

  3. Just a quick note of announcement here (especially for you RSS people that never come to the site, haha): I’ve updated the design of to reflect a little more “practice what I preach.” Why yes, look at that fancy new sidebar, with my lifestream, where else you can find me online… oh, and is that a tag cloud? Yay. Tag clouds are just about my favorite thing in web 2.0. Also, ye RSS peeps: you’ll find now that there’s two feeds to choose from: one with just my blog posts (same ol’, same ol’), and one that will give you my lifestream (blog posts plus twitter, digg activity, what-have-you).

    In addition to being a little bit more practical and up-to-date, this will also serve as some public documentation of my upcoming month in Berlin and other parts of Germany, so stay tuned for news and enjoy!

  4. I’m back in the picture-taking loop now that I’ve got a shiny new digital camera. Yippie! Here’s some recent montages I’ve participated in…

    The Zandt-Mƒnkze Family Reunion, 2007

    (Here’s my shots)

    My birthday cocktail hour at Mo Pitkin’s

    My trip to Europe — Switzerland, Germany and the Czech Republic

    UPDATE: Christine just sent me the most hilarious set of pictures from our IKEA trip, oh my:

    Deanna’s IKEA Adventure

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