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  1. In case you missed the hilarity of my flight back from Austin, here are my tweets…

    • 7:00pm (CT): Boarded, hopefully leaving soon… (@ JetBlue Flight #1068)
    • 7:15pm: Bill Murray is on my flight. o_O
    • 12:06am (ET): Scary-ish landing. Dear lord, I did not want my last tweet on the planet to be about Bill Murray. But I do have some goss, stay tuned
    • 12:07am: A Flight w Bill Murray, a story told over multiple tweets. Austin –> NYC, JetBlue (this actually prolly isn’t that interesting)
    • 12:08am: Discovery of Mr Murray: when he switched out of his emerg exit row seat back to 2 rows in front of me to sit next to a young woman.
    • 12:09am: Unclear whether they knew each other well prior to the flight. There was much giggling from those 2 seats (I was jealous, yes, heh)
    • 12:10am: Then, I kid yous not, halfway thru the flight thry get up and go to the bathroom. Murray does a little dance on his way. I’m like, nuh-uh!
    • 12:11am: They’re there for about 10min and come back, not weirdly and nothing else happens. Only other thing was that at the end of the flight,
    • 12:12am: Murray starts drumming on the seat in front of him. Loudly. The woman starts giggling again. Dude in front of me (right behind Murray)
    • 12:13am: …gets pissed and says (loudly, in a thick Brooklyn accent), “Hey drum circle, you wanna knock it off?” Which shockingly does the trick.
    • 12:14am: I <3 NY. The End.

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