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  1. I know that when a good chunk of the population hears the word “karaoke,” they either cringe with horror at having to sit through off-key renditions of pop songs, or they go cold with panic at the idea of they themselves singing in front of a crowd. But peel back the layers of social freakout, and you, too, will find that what you’ve learned from rocking out a karaoke venue can be applied to organizing people and making the world a better place.

    [Read the rest on Forbes.]

  2. prospect_park_200x200Because I have tons of time on my hands (*cough, cough), I decided I’d start a new documentation and, hopefully, advocacy project: Respect Prospect. (shoutout to Candace for the name!) It’s like this: I go to Prospect Park almost every morning with Izzy Louise to run around, because dogs are allowed off-leash from 5AM to 9AM. But! There’s often so much garbage strewn about the park that I can’t let her off the leash — unlike dogs with sturdier bellies, she gets sick from eating garbage. A lot of other people are frustrated with this, too. Garbage means more unsavory rodents and other creatures hanging about, which could mean more disease spreading. No good and no fun for anyone.

    Park officials aren’t super responsive (besides saying that closed dumps on a holiday mean that the park gets trashed, oh well), and no one’s sure what to do. At the very least, to start with, we can document it when we see it:

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