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  1. In case you missed the hilarity of my flight back from Austin, here are my tweets…

    • 7:00pm (CT): Boarded, hopefully leaving soon… (@ JetBlue Flight #1068)
    • 7:15pm: Bill Murray is on my flight. o_O
    • 12:06am (ET): Scary-ish landing. Dear lord, I did not want my last tweet on the planet to be about Bill Murray. But I do have some goss, stay tuned
    • 12:07am: A Flight w Bill Murray, a story told over multiple tweets. Austin –> NYC, JetBlue (this actually prolly isn’t that interesting)
    • 12:08am: Discovery of Mr Murray: when he switched out of his emerg exit row seat back to 2 rows in front of me to sit next to a young woman.
    • 12:09am: Unclear whether they knew each other well prior to the flight. There was much giggling from those 2 seats (I was jealous, yes, heh)
    • 12:10am: Then, I kid yous not, halfway thru the flight thry get up and go to the bathroom. Murray does a little dance on his way. I’m like, nuh-uh!
    • 12:11am: They’re there for about 10min and come back, not weirdly and nothing else happens. Only other thing was that at the end of the flight,
    • 12:12am: Murray starts drumming on the seat in front of him. Loudly. The woman starts giggling again. Dude in front of me (right behind Murray)
    • 12:13am: …gets pissed and says (loudly, in a thick Brooklyn accent), “Hey drum circle, you wanna knock it off?” Which shockingly does the trick.
    • 12:14am: I <3 NY. The End.
  2. phildonahue.jpg Last night, I went to go see the Nader film (I wrote a review for AlterNet this morning, too)… before the film started, I went to get some popcorn and all that. The guy behind the counter said, “Who’s next?” Just as I was starting to place my order, somebody next to me leaned in and ordered two Cokes.

    I was about to get all righteous and indignant, but then I saw it was Phil Donahue. I grew up watching Phil Donahue on days I stayed home sick from school, watching him bound up those stairs with that microphone, and here he was, cutting me in the popcorn line. What does one do about this? Me, I stood there with my mouth agape, confused. Do you elbow Phil Donahue? Do you tell Phil Donahue that he cut you? Do you care that much about getting your popcorn in a timely fashion?

    Me being me, I just started laughing. Luckily, another guy was behind the counter and took my order pretty much right after that.

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