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  2. Last week, I had the pleasure of leading a track at BlogHer’s Pathfinder Day, where women sign up to spend a day with experts learning how to turn their online activities into work that can support them financially. Along with Cheryl Contee, co-founder of Jack and Jill Politics and partner at Fission Strategy, I walked 25 women through the Change Agent track. That evening, I was the guest speaker at the NYC chapter of Women, Action & the Media’s WAMentorevent.

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  3. BlogHer, that fabulous and conveniently named network and conference of women who are bloggers, hosts a yearly day long career development day called Pathfinder Day. This year, on August 2nd, I’m leading the Change Agent track with Cheryl Contee. We promise, one way or another, your life will be changed if you come spend a day with us. Hee.

    Normally the registration is $79 ($79!! What a bargain!), but BlogHer knows that that’s steep for many women who could really use this time to figure out their next steps in their online careers. So, they’ve given us each 2 passes to give away– if you’re interested, leave a comment on this post below, and I’ll pick 2 women at random. You don’t have to leave your life story or anything, but if you’re not someone I normally travel with in my circles, it’d be great to learn a little about why you’d like to attend, and why a free pass would be extra useful for you.

    Otherwise, if you can swing it, and you’re ready, join us on August 2nd.


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