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Reflections on the Binghamton shooting

“what is it about birmingham? / what is it about buffalo? / that the hate-filled wanna build bunkers / in your beautiful red earth / they wanna build them / in our shiny white snow” — ani difranco, “hello birmingham”

There is the obvious tragedy of the dead and wounded in Binghamton, NY. The anger and despair, the terror of knowing that a gunman can walk into a building in a relatively small city in rural, industrial upstate New York and massacre people at will.

Then the other layers start piling on top of the fear and the rage: the layers that make the story just a little cloudier and darker. Yeah, there’s an inside joke in there– I grew up there, and Binghamton is the seventh cloudiest city in the country. The cloudiest east of the Rockies. No doubt that the lack of direct sun contributes to a sense of malaise in town, but it’s likely the overall economic decline over the last 20-25 years that makes Binghamton just a very sad city in many ways.

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My cousin Mike’s house


My cousin Mike Zandt and his family have suffered some crazy flooding upstate since last week… this is the shot he sent us. Have a look at some of the other flood photos people have been sending around in my Flickr set.

Oh, in case anyone was wondering — my parents (and, as far as I know, the rest of my family) made out fine with no flooding where they are.