Women Write Wikipedia: A How-To Webinar (WAM!It Yourself 2012)

Every year as part of Women, Action and the Media’s WAM! It Yourself Week, I provide a free 1-hour introduction to editing Wikipedia as part of the effort to close the gender gap. Over 80% of Wikipedia’s editors are men, and we’re not capturing the full breadth of our collective experiences there by having only one gender contribute most of the content.

I can’t embed the webinar on my own site, but you can watch here.

Here are the resources from the end of the preso, too:

Wikipedia’s resources:

The bookshelf, with lots of videos and free PDFs:

The free PDF handbook that I referred to heavily:

A one-page quick reference sheet:

Discussion groups and projects

Wikimedia Foundation’s Gender Gap mailist list

The Wikipedia Feminism Project:

Wikipedia’s Workshop for Women:

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