Ready to change your life? I’ve got two free passes to BlogHer’s Pathfinder Day

BlogHer, that fabulous and conveniently named network and conference of women who are bloggers, hosts a yearly day long career development day called Pathfinder Day. This year, on August 2nd, I’m leading the Change Agent track with Cheryl Contee.¬†We promise, one way or another, your life will be changed if you come spend a day with us. Hee.

Normally the registration is $79 ($79!! What a bargain!), but BlogHer knows that that’s steep for many women who could really use this time to figure out their next steps in their online careers. So, they’ve given us each 2 passes to give away– if you’re interested, leave a comment on this post below, and I’ll pick 2 women at random. You don’t have to leave your life story or anything, but if you’re not someone I normally travel with in my circles, it’d be great to learn a little about why you’d like to attend, and why a free pass would be extra useful for you.

Otherwise, if you can swing it, and you’re ready, join us on August 2nd.


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  • LisaG

    /waves oooo, interested! Would love to catch up with the latest in DZ thinking about the world…

  • Would love this if it’s possible! Am definitely going to WAMmentor night.

  • Jennifer

    I’ve always wanted to go to BlogHer and would be so cool to go to something inspiring. DZ thanks for thinking of us!

  • jaz

    Would love to be a part of this! I’m starting to blog again after a hiatus and miss this mode of expression. I want to ensure I’m being strategic while speaking authentically through the lens of my experience, expertise and my passions. Looking to tighten up my online brand (which at times feels scattered) and take myself to the next level!

  • I would love to be able to attend. I am a long time blogger, but unfortunately the student passes sold out before I could even consider attending the conference. Since I am unable to afford to go, I would love to be able to attend. I am a young feminist of colour trying to find my career path after struggling with many setbacks in my adult life (which in turn made me super passionate about using the web – and blogging in general – as a key tool for activism).

  • Hi Deanna! I would like to spend time with you, Cheryl Contee, and the BlogHer community learning how I can make Digital Sisterhood Network (DSN) more of a force for change in women’s lives that empowers and advocates for women and girls in social media and technology. This year marks the third year of existence for DSN. I am ready to take DSN to the next level in 2013 and beyond. I just need guidance.

  • I will see you brilliant women there!

  • Hi Deanna! We met briefly at SXSW but I don’t know if you remember. I’m a feminist sex writer and I’ve recently self-published two books, one about “pickup artists” aka the “seduction community,” and the other a best-of my writings (particularly focused on S&M). I’m looking to branch out into other self-publishing work — I’m thinking an anthology about rape in gaming could be especially fascinating — and I’d love to do more in social media, but it’s hard to actually make a living at it, so I could use all the tips I can get :)

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