CNN International: Google & Verizon threaten to spoil the Internet party

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  • Frank

    Re: Advantaged access

    In your interview you made a point that a product like YouTube from a company such as Google could have “faster and better” access than a new innovator. The reality is that such faster and better is already in place — Google has direct peering relationships with many of the largest ISPs/Tier 1 providers and caching appliances (GCC) in those places and many others. And while Google may not be paying Verizon or those ISPs/Tier 1 providers, they’re saving the ISPs/Tier 1 providers a bunch of money due to eliminated transit costs. So YouTube or any content provider doesn’t have to shell out cash to enter into a favorable relationship with ISPs/Tier 1 providers, they can effectively do the same by meeting the providers where they are.

    So whatever fears you may have about something new happening is tempered by the fact that it’s already happening.

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